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Holiday Season and Exiciting News

by Kristin LaFerriere on 12/05/12


It has been awhile since I last posted, and a lot has happened.  Kristin, the girls, and I went on a wonderful family vacation to the Western Caribbean. The cruise left from New Orleans, where we spent a couple nights and really enjoyed the city.  The cruise was a great seven days, and we truly enjoyed the time together. 

Everything with the business is going extremely well, and Kristin continues to impress me with the way every client just loves the work she does.  I have always known there is just no way you can be around Kristin and not just love her, but now I know that applies to our clients too.  We have continued to grow our client base over the last few months, so we have made the decision to grow our business family.  We want to assure our current and future customers that exceeding their expectations remains our number one concern.  

So for all our current customers, you can expect to see a new face working along side Kristin in the new year.

We thank you all so much for trusting us with your homes, and we wish you all a very merry holiday season, and a fabulous new year.


Things are going well

by Kristin LaFerriere on 09/15/12

I just wanted to make an update to let everyone know that Kristin has been quite busy lately, the grand opening postcards and website are doing well to get our services in front of clients. 
Everyone she has met and worked for so far has been very gracious and ultimately happy with the services provided.  Kristin is enjoying meeting the new clients and is very happy with how things are progressing.


Grand Opening

by Kristin LaFerriere on 08/28/12

  I just wanted to drop a note to let everyone know that we are in full swing, we launched our Grand Opening marketing campaign.  Post cards offering a discount for first time customers.  For those of you who didn't receive the post card, don't feel left out, just mention that you read this blog post and we will send your quote with the grand opening deal too.

Up and Running

by Kristin LaFerriere on 08/12/12


I just wanted to make another post to let you know that we are up and running, Kristin has been driving around town with the van, which now has signs for the business on each side.  If you see her say hi, and let her know you noticed.  We have everything arranged for the formal opening of the company, and all we need now are more loyal customers to take care of. 



by Kristin LaFerriere on 07/21/12

Welcome to Kristin's Cleaning Service.  My name is Bob, and we are just getting started up, but Kristin has been cleaning homes since the early 1990's.  Kristin is my wife, and I am just here to help her with the technical side of getting things up and running. Drop a note to say hi if you happen to find us prior to the official launch of the website.   Kristin is already working, so if you want to setup service, just email her from the website or directly at

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